José Salvaggio Biography

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jose_Salvaggio-biogJosé Salvaggio was born in Sicily in 1953 and moved to France as a child. He now lives in the Haute-Marne region of northeast France

Already an accomplished artist, Jose Salvaggio attended two renowned French schools: the School of Paris, where he studied with the well-known painter, Paul Andebourhr, and the School of Emilie Simon, where he studied under Claude Marin.

Through his perceptive choices of tones and delicate brushstrokes, Salvaggio orchestrates light in such a way that his work radiates warmth and sensitivity. Wandering through his neighbouring countryside, he searches for the constantly renewed variations in light and subject.

José likes painting crowded boulevards, animated squares and sunny café terraces in small size paintings, all of which radiate a unique charm which he orchestrates with judiciously chosen colours and delicate applications of the brush.

José Salvaggio is influenced by impressionist masters Claude Monet and Alfred Sisley.

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