October 2014

October 2014

Newsletter1It wasn’t until my mid thirties that I learn one of life’s valuable lessons: to accept change. We all have an idea of where we’d like to go in life but rigidly holding to that pattern can so often be detrimental to both ourselves and to those around us.

haidee_jo_summersHaving a goal is essential, of course, but I likened my revelation to having been swimming in a stream against the tide. It took a huge amount of energy to fight the ‘flow’ but I still went in the opposite direction. Added to that, I was being splashed with negative forces, and the branches of opportunity only became visible after I’d missed them.

When I learned to turn and literally ‘go with the flow’, I found that I went where I was meant to much quicker, had lots more energy, and could see the branches of opportunity coming towards me, so I could choose which ones I wanted to grasp along the way.

andrew_tozerWhat’s more – and this is arguably more important – I felt my relationships with others around me improved because I wasn’t creating a wake in their ‘stream’ by not accepting the inevitable.

claire_henleyOur willingness to accept change – the only constant – is sometimes hard, but if we can achieve it, I think it makes both our own lives richer and those of the people around us. After all, how many of us ended up exactly where we thought we would be? We rarely do, but I believe the more we allow life to ‘lead us’, the easier our relationships and our own lives become.

And regardless of your belief in a higher power, I guess there’s a lot of truth in the excellent joke I heard recently:

You wanna know how to make God laugh…? Tell him your plans!

robin-masonSo, what’s Been Happening?

Anyway, once again this month there’s been a barrage of change in the gallery. But before I get on to that, I find myself in your and my artist’s debt. I have to pinch myself a little, but thanks to your help, we’ve just overshot the entire last year’s sales in just under six months. Thank you soooo much for your support and custom. It is deeply appreciated and very humbling.

SONY DSCOK, first up let me congratulate our lovely Haidee-Jo Summers for winning first prize at the Buxton Spa prize. Well deserved and, after her visit here for the tall ships regatta, her plein air paintings from that day have been selling like hotcakes. More of those here.

Jill-HudsonThe talented Mr Tozer’s stunning pieces have been flying out the door, too. We had a new collection from Andrew just a few weeks ago and I think there are only a couple left! More on their way, though, at the end of October, so keep your eyes peeled on our Social Media feeds for those puppies.

The lovely Claire Henley has been stacking them high this month as well, both in-house and at our sister galleries at Scarlet & Bedruthan Hotels. More in any day now from here… blimey, do we need ‘em!

lena_rivoAnd let’s not forget gallery favourites, Robin Mason, Mike Hindle and Jill Hudson. All three of them have been painting like mad to try and keep up with demand. In fact Robin will be in on Saturday with a brand new collection, so get in there first by visiting his page on a daily basis!

Our newest star, Lean Rivo, flew over from Portugal especially to paint the Roseland for us. It was great to meet her and I’m just itching to see what she comes up with after seeing her sketches on her iPad… yep, there’s some astonishing technology available to painters these days.

ben_taffinderOh and David Gray’s just popped in with some newbies, too. Always good to see that chappie although he only lives in St Mawes, we don’t get to see each other unless he’s dropping off new work…

stephen_higtonI’ve now managed to secure the dates for next year’s Fisherman’s Shelter exhibitions. More on them as and when, but if there’s an artist you’d like to meet, drop me a line and I’ll tell you when they’re going to be showing there if you want to plan your hols to coincide.

In the mean time, we have Ben Taffinder’s annual Christmas exhibition to look forward to. As usual it’ll be in the gallery from Sunday 28th December to Sunday 4th January. Ben will be there to meet you on the evening of the 28th, so if you’re around, why not pop down and have a lovely glass of Christmas champers with the fella? Of course, the collection will be online, too, but I’ll let you know when nearer the time.

david_grayAnd at last I got to meet Stephen Higton this month with his lovely (and talented artist wife) Mita who came to paint the Roseland a week or two ago. Some new works from Stephen will be in very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for ‘The Hig-meister’s’ offerings soon!

jose_salvaggioSo there it is. I’m absolutely dying to tell you about a new artist I’ve met on Facebook who has agreed to join us. Really, a very prestigious painter and he’s painting just for us as I write, so I must show a little restraint, darn it!

But, for now, here’s to a cracking October for us all. And to set you up for the month, we have a truly special Podcast for you. Our French/Italian Stallion, José Salvaggio, has made a wonderful, unedited video of him painting his favourite location, Falaise d’Etretat. Thirty-five minutes of pure joy for any art lover. We spoil you, we really do!

For now though, À bientôt, you change-embracers, you!



September 2014

restingOn my way back from the gallery last week, I stopped on the hill for a moment and lay down on the warm afternoon sun-heated meadow. Not a usual occurrence, I’m sorry to say, but one which inspired a moment of deep reflection.

Lying there, with my faithful dog at my side, my beautiful wife at home cooking a superb veggie supper (she’s as extraordinary a cook as she is a floral designer!) and having had another successful day at the gallery, I took a moment to absorb the contentment my life holds of late… read more



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