July 2013

July 2013

billI’ve found myself reflecting on both ends of life’s full circle this month. On one side I’ve been reminded of the preciousness of life. Two dogs that I hold dear in my life passed away this month (thankfully not my own) and my dear friend, Bill, would have been 97 this month, too.

Bedruthan Steps Hotel- Scarlet LogoI used to spend a precious hour a day with my old neighbour, Bill, the four years after his wife, Joyce, passed away. We would discuss every aspect of life’s rich pattern. He was such a wise and switched-on man and although I’m sad he’s not here anymore, there is a warmth in that sadness for the time we did spend together before he passed away three years ago. I guess that’s the gift our loved ones leave with us; reflections on our own fallibility and inspiring us to live the life we do have to the full.

claire_henleyOn the other end of the spectrum, however, I am delighted to announce I have an exciting new partnership with two renowned hotels on the north coast: the Scarlet and Bedruthan Steps. From 7th July there will be dedicated galleries in their stunning hotels and I will be helping them manage the art and exhibitions throughout the year there.

andrew_tozerThe hotels’ dedication to supporting the arts is historic. Now run by their three sisters, parents Peter & Mary Whittington put on art exhibitions and previews there from as long ago as the 1960’s – encouraging people to buy the good, local, contemporary art of the day (which back then was in the form of: Herons, Hiltons, Barns Graham, Frost, Lanyon, Scott & Wallis etc.)

robin_masonI’ll keep you up to date with all the activities there over the months, so you’ll be able to see what other works are available from the artists in those hotels. Or better still, why not book a stay there and have a good browse of the works on show, many of whom will be our own trusted purveyors of the craft?

jill_hudsonWhich brings me swiftly on to what’s new from said artists this month here in your all-time favourite gallery (…probably!). I popped up to Stratford-Upon-Avon at the beginning of the month to meet our newest addition, Claire Henley, and took the chance to do a sneaky Podcast with her, so you’ll find that on our Podcast page this month (sorry about the sound of the washing machine!).

Andrew Tozer’s have been selling like hotcakes (what’s new!) and he’s enjoying a little respite now after his long and successful week at the Paraffin Store at the end of May.

haidee_jo_summersAt the end of this month, we have the lovely Robin Mason and Jill Hudson showing some of their superb new works at the Paraffin Store from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th. If you’d like to come and have a glass of wine on the Friday and get a first glimpse of said pieces, then just turn up! The directions are on the News page of the website. Otherwise Jill and Robin will be there all weekend from 11-4pm, so why not pop on down and meet them?


I’m also delighted to announce that three (…yes, three!) new artists are joining us this month. Haidee-Jo Summers (who I have been courting on Facebook now for a few months… professionally, of course!) has finally agreed to show with us, so I’m delighted to have some of her stunning pieces in very soon.


Then, whist searching for sculptors for the Hotel partnership project, a friend of the gallery suggested I contact Stephanie Cushing and Joanna Walker They were lovely to talk to and both readily agreed to join our stable of artists for both the gallery and the hotels project, so a major coup for us! We’ll have their works online in the coming days, but for now, you’ll see from these pictures exactly why we’re delighted to have them on board.

So there it is. Keep your eyes peeled for some new Rachael Mia Allen’s very soon as she’s been incredibly popular this month, and Ben Taffinder’s always a treat to see with his new works. So if you’re not signed up with our Facebook and Twitter feeds, it might be worth it as everything moves so fast here, I can hardly keep my hands on it!

Have a wonderful month and here’s to a beautiful summer for us all.



June 2013

exhibitionAfter the press reports in Woolwich this month, I started to wonder if sending an email out about my quiet life in a idyllic Cornish village, so far removed from that world, wasn’t just being glib; making small of some horrendous act from a fool on an misguided religious fervour. Surely there was something I could comment on that would put the world to rights? …read more



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