October 2016

leapLike many couples, my wife and I are very different people. I have an idea, then, with little planning, take a running jump at it. If it sticks, I start to hone it. My wife is a planner, weighing up the height, width and length of the jump and taking many practice runs at it before even attempting a test leap.

Neither way is right or wrong, it’s just right for the individual. Of course this causes many issues as for her it seems I bodge a lot of things and never do them right at the outset. For me, she never seems to actually commit to anything and even then, takes forever.

ilric_shetlandI do admire people who meticulously plan things; they seem to make learned decisions about ideas and issues. That said, no matter how hard I try, I just don’t have the patience for that and feel the need to get on with the task at hand.

ben_taffinderI think the key is to embrace who you are and how you tackle things, but also continue to strive to add new facets to your modus operandi. If, like me, you’re a springer, maybe take a moment longer to asses the jump for once. If you’re a planner, maybe throw hell to the wind sometimes and take a leap of faith.

robin_masonThere’s no doubt we need every kind of person in life. I’ve learnt to embrace the jumper in me but surround myself with planners who give me sound advice and make me think just a little before springing.

claire_henleyNowadays, I always stay open and hear good advice without dousing my inner spirit. Then, after considering the whys and wherefores, make the jump anyway. Why? Because, as regular readers will know, I’m a great believer in the adage “Spring, and the net will appear.”

penny_germanOK, much to get through this month, so if I may I want to start with a little house cleaning. From 16th October, the gallery will only be open Wednesdays to Saturdays as I’m away on my annual holiday. Deborah is there for your visit and phone calls, and I’ll still be picking up emails (albeit 8 hours behind the UK). I’ll be back at the helm from November 23rd.

PrintSecondly, I am excited to announce the first of many new partnerships THG will be undertaking in the coming year. This first is with Arnica Dental Care in Cheltenham. This ground-breaking practice is now adding art to its walls for patients and visitors to enjoy and buy and we’re excited about the chance of doing some exhibitions there, too, in the coming months.

stephen_higtonThe three artists they are working with this season are Claire Henley, Hilary Stock and Mike Hindle and you can see all their work on Arnica’s dedicated page of our site here: www.theharbourgallery.co.uk/arnica. Here’s to a wonderful partnership and great to have Arnica as part of the THG family!

joe_armstrongOK, so what’s been happening this last month? Well, once again, it’s been a record breaking September. So much so, we’ve been pushing all our artists to get new work to us.

phil_johnsThe mighty Ilric Shetland has now sold out of his smaller sea and landscapes, so I hope to have some refreshers in from him in the coming weeks. Additionally, the ever-popular Ben Taffinder has sold like there’s no tomorrow. Luckily he’s always popping in with new works, so it’s always worth checking out his page.

jill_hudsonWe’ve just had in new work from Robin Mason and the ever youthful Claire Henley, too, has been extremely busy for us, so do pop in to their pages and see what’s new this month.

hilary_stockPenny German pretty much sold out as well, so she’s been kind enough to rush through some more still lifes for us and that clever Stephen Higton has just finished an incredible painting of Portscatho, which we should have in shortly. Soooo want to take it home myself!

jenny_aitkenWe’ve had a few newbies in from local boy, Joe Armstrong, in the last week and there are only a few more Phil Johns’ available: the last of his, sadly, as he’s now retired… booooo! And if, like me, you’re a Jill Hudson fan, then you’re in for a treat. We have seven… yes, 7 new pieces in from her. Beautiful!

andrew_thomasWe’re working on some new artist relationships at the moment and I hope to bring you news of those as the autumn and winter months progress, but in the mean time, Hilary Stock, Jenny Aitken, Ann Kelly, Andrew Thomas and the lovely Kerr Ashmore will be sure to keep your interest piqued!

kerr_ashmoreOh, and if you want to meet the lovely Claire Henley virtually, I’ve just added a short video Judith Layhe-Cook did for the Discover:Gather:Give. Enjoy!

OK, me lovelies, have a wonderful October and my next newsletter will be from my Californian hammock (I know, such a tease!)

Ciao for now!



September 2016 Newsletter


It never ceases to amaze me how bypassing the mind can bring such incredibly perfect answers to quandaries. Whether you believe there is some higher power feeding our consciousness or it’s just the power of the mind working whilst we get on with more mundane tasks, the results are astounding.

Those who’ve read my previous muses will know that my first screenplay, Marcello Marcello, was written in a ten-day flurry of unconscious writing and more recently, I was asked to come up with an idea for a 10 minutes short, which literally came to me in the middle of the night and I had written it by 6.30am; a true reflection of setting the mind a task, then leaving it to resolve it… read more.



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