October 2017

TrudyMeet new gallery dog, Trudy! She is a blessing to Susanne and me in many more ways than just friendship. Having had a harsh first two years of her life, what I found the biggest gift is the speed in which this beautiful Romanian street-dog blessed us with her trust.

When she first came to us, only 10 days ago (at the time of writing) she was very anxious of everything. Having only experienced a roof over her head 3 weeks joe_armstrongpreviously, everything was new to her: people, sounds, household electrics, even/especially the TV.

Trudy is like us all when faced with the harsh realities of life, we rush back to the security of the one thing she can trust – friends, family, our pack – and gain comfort and strength from that safe haven. We lick our wounds before braving the harsh light of life again… but brave it, we must.

peter_symonds-Portholland-710Trudy is an inspiration on that front. Just a short burst of comfort and she braves the cold again, going ever further each time until she overcomes her obstacles and I for one have learnt a lot from her with regards William Edward Hickson’s proverb, ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again’.

I believe all obstacles are there as a chance for us to grow, not to frighten or scare us. Remembering that is the most important thing when faced with hardships and challenges in life as it adds perspective.

hester_berryLife is hard at times: no question there. But when faced with barriers, I think we can all learn from Trudy’s bravery. Go back if you must, find your power, then move on. The immense strength and happiness we gain from being brave is out there for us to capture and for us to grow from, but we’ll only find it by facing our fears.

ben_taffinderIn two short weeks, Trudy’s trust has been a gift… but her bravery is an inspiration and I look forward to learning more about myself from this astonishingly loving dog, despite her hardships, over the coming years. (Getting her to come back, sit or chase a ball, however, is definitely a work in progress!)

mike_hindleThat ever popular Joe Armstrong has agreed to do a half-term exhibition in-house with us starting Saturday 21st October. He’s painting like a man possessed to make sure you have an incredible selection and they will go live on Friday 20th for all you lovely people to view first. Hope you can make it but if not, keep your eyes peeled on his page on our website!

The incredible Peter Symonds has been charming the Gods with his claire_henleystunning work this month as has Hester Berry, who came down to paint for us and the first she finished sold within seconds of hitting the website. Make sure you pop in to see their work very soon!

Our mega impasto star, Ben Taffinder popped in with three stunning new pieces. A slight deviation from his normal work but one which has got my head reeling, for sure. So, BT fans, be prepared to be astounded!

tom_marshThe poetic Mike Hindle has been in with 6 new pieces especially for us… and boy are they pretty. Couldn’t make up my mind which one to share here as they’re all so beautiful, but I’m sure you’ll find your favourite when you visit his page.

That youthful Claire Henley has sent down some new work as well and unsurprisingly one sold almost as it went live. So don’t miss out on that popular girl’s work. It’s schamazballs! So, what about the month ahead?

neil_bolton-BarleyFieldAtTowan-710Both Tom Marsh and Neil Bolton are on their way to us, hopefully with new work under arm, but certianly to paint some cracking new stuff for us as well. We’ve got the inimitable Ilric Shetland exhibition in conjunction with Proud Galleries of London starting at Stanmer House this month, so if you’re in the Brighton area and want to see some mind-boggling pieces… one of which is 3 meters by 2…! then do drop in there.

deborah_walker-TurningTideBedruthanSteps-710 copyThe crazy-talented Deborah Walker is painting for us as I write and we hope to see the results of those very soon, but in the mean time, check out the ones we have on the website. They’ve stopped people in their tracks all summer and I know you’re gonna be amazed, too.

stephen_higtonLast but by no means least, that naughty Stephen Higton was here with his wife Mita and left an array of new and dreamy works. No doubt more’ll be on their way as well, but for now, ‘ave a butchers at those. And to finish, the blindingly popular Julian Mason has started to paint a new collection for us, so make sure you keep an eye on his page of our website and our social media feeds for new of those!

Aaaaand breathe….!

julian_masonSo there it is, folks. Have a wonderful month and I’ll drop you a reminder of Joe’s exhibition just before it starts so you can get your dibs in before the crowds! Till then, you know where Deborah or I am if you need us.

Toodle pip!



September 2017

symetry-smComing from a line of mathematicians, I do love my Sudoku (or ‘Numbers’, as my wife calls it). It always fascinates me how pretty mathematical patterns are, not just in pure maths but also in nature itself and that beloved game often reminds me of the synergetic nature of life.

Anyone who has bemoaned a situation, only to find how perfect it is later (which, I suggest, is all of us) will know what I mean by this natural perfection… read more



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