Payment Options

The Harbour Gallery is committed to helping everyone own a piece of original Fine Art, so below are some options for you to find the most suitable way of paying for your gift for either yourself, or your loved one.

Contribution Buying

Contribution buying is an innovative service exclusive to The Harbour Gallery and gives the chance to ‘group purchase’ a piece of our stunning works of art for yourself or your friends.

If you, or a friend, have a birthday, wedding, or any special occasion you’d like to celebrate with a piece of Fine Art to last you a lifetime, Contribution Buying is the way to do this.

Simply choose one or more pieces of The Harbour Gallery‘s extensive list of artists’ works. You’ll pay a deposit* enabling us to put the piece/s to one side for you/your friends. We’ll then send you a link that you can send to your friends, so they can contribute towards it safely and easily. Once you’ve reached the price of the work/s, they’re dispatched safely to you.


If you don’t reach the precise sum in the generously allocated amount of time, you’ll either be given the option to make up the total yourself, or decline the sale and we’ll return every penny of your contributor’s money back to them in full. Alternatively, keep the money with us to purchase something else at a later date.

This is an excellent way to make art affordable and to make sure you get the perfect gift for your celebration.

Staged Payments


Maybe you’d like to buy a piece of art over several months, to help spread the costs? We’d be more than happy to do this for you. Just give us a call or email and we can discuss some favourable options with you.

* Usually a 20% non refundable deposit and regular standing order for the remaining sum.

Gift Voucher

ul_DL.inddWhy not give a gift of art to your loved one? The Harbour Gallery’s gift vouchers are a wonderful way to give someone something special, allowing them to choose a piece of work in their own time from our ever growing collection.

Just give us a call or email and we can discuss the sum and how best to get it to you in time for your friend’s special day. (Terms and conditions apply)

PayPal Payments: Since PayPal updated their refund policy, we are unable to repay PayPal fees in the event of returns due to a change of heart. We can only give 100% refunds on payments made by Bank Transfer.



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