Angela Uren

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angela-uren-biographyHaving taught and run art workshops for many years, Angela took up full time painting in 2010.

She visited and fell in love with Cornwall in the early 70s and has spent the last forty years bouncing between here and her home in Somerset, painting land and seascapes across the south west.

“I believe that to be my best, I need to continually develop professionally, to challenge myself, to learn from others and to share the knowledge that I have. This sharing manifests itself into my work which is tactile and continually experimental.”

Angela paints plein air, exploring texture, pattern and form in the surrounding world by essential marking each aspect she sees with her palette knife and oils.

Her exciting work is continually evolving, inviting you to touch and feel it’s vibrancy whilst creating a sense of place, light and atmosphere and we are delighted to have exclusivity with Angela’s Cornish work here at The Harbour Gallery.



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