August 2014

guitarThe subject of transience over ownership has been prevalent to my life for several reasons this month. For example, a guitar, similar to an extremely rare one that was stolen from my music studio in the 80s, turned up online after 25 years and I was tempted to buy it. But why, when I hardly play the four I already have?

lena_rivoWe are the oddest creatures. When we see something of beauty, we feel a necessity to own it in some shape or form. Not satisfied with just enjoying it for the brief moment it appears in our lives, we somehow feel that ownership will make that precious moment more permanent, even if it means that by doing just that, we may also destroy or change that same thing

Be it as simple as picking a flower that takes our breath away on a coast path walk, to bigger things like buying a home in our favourite part of the world. By doing either of these things, we’ll inevitably change/destroy the nature of the thing we so desire to bring closer to us, yet we disregard this so we can hold on to, or own that precious moment for longer.

hudson-henleyLove and desire for another is another pitfall. We crave ‘owning’ or ‘being with’ someone who makes our hearts melt, but in doing so, we can so easily put them under so much pressure that we drive them away. I guess that’s what they mean by ‘If you love someone, set them free.’

hilary_stockI have a similar dilemma here in the gallery. As you know, I only ever have works in that melt my heart. So being transient with these, despite my urge to take them all home, is a challenge.  And one I lose on occasions, I must admit!

Of course I’d be putting my artists and myself out of business if I did have an answer to all this musing, but abstinence is a powerful tool and one I try to employ when I can, enjoying each moment for what it is and allowing it to pass, resisting the desire to own that moment or take a thing home and put it on a shelf. That said I did fail with regards that delicious guitar! ;0-)

SONY DSCSo what’s the low-down on our magnificent artists this past month? Well, before I kick off with anything, I want to introduce you to an astonishing new Portuguese artist I’ve just secured exclusivity of here in the UK, Lena Rivo. I think she is such a bright star we’ve commissioned two paintings from her of Portscatho… astonishingly lovely! You can read more about this young wunderkind here.

tozer-taffinderWell Claire Henley’s and Jill Hudson’s exhibitions at the Fisherman’s Shelter here in sunny Portscatho have been fabulous. There was a great turnout for both and some magnificent sales, which isn’t surprising given the quality of their work. You can see their exhibition pieces by clicking on their names here, but if there’s anything you like, be quick as these pages will only be live for a week.

mary_allenHilary Stock is next up from 5th – 7th August. Despite losing six of her pieces in a gallery flood in early July (don’t even get me started on insurance companies!) it’ll take more than that to keep down the lovely Hilary. So she’s been working hard to get a whole new batch done in time. Good on ya’, girl. And she has a couple of newbies, too, so excited doesn’t even come close! (Oh and top tip if you’re a Telegraph reader, a little birdie told me our exhibitions will be featured in this weekend’s Saturday Weekend section. Happy days!)

robin_masonWe’ve just had new work in from the ever-popular Mike Hindle. Can’t seem to keep his in the door. And working our way up to the Ben Taffinder and Andrew Tozer exhibitions at the end of August at the Fisherman’s Shelter, our two most popular THG artists are thrashing away, getting some magnificent new pieces done, especially for you. More on those mid-month so keep an eye on the website and our Social Media feeds!

vitalyMary Allen’s works have been coming in and going out at about the same rate. She’s really hotting up this summer, as is that splendid fella, Robin Mason. Just had two newbies in from him along with a third commission… blimey that cheeky chappie’s good!

phil_johnsPhil Johns’ works have been getting a lot of attention, too, and someone has just ordered one using our Contribution Buying Service so they’ll really get something they want this year instead of the usual socks! Keep ‘em coming, Phil!

OK, that’s it, but I might just leave you with a peep at a Vitaly Makarov commission that two of our favourite customers (the list of which includes you, of course) asked him for this month. If they wouldn’t have had it, I might well have taken it home myself. Just stunning… and all the way from Ukraine!

Anyway, hope to see/hear from you soonest and toodle pip for now!



July 2014

decisions2Being the founder editor of Roseland Online – south central Cornwall’s popular community website – I’m often questioning my own moral compass. I purposely decided not to go down the committee route, something I felt would slow down the editing process of a web based magazine, so the decisions have always lain at my door. But as we’re all different, what gives me the right to make decisions as to what to, or not to publish?

I suppose one could say that as the founder of Roseland Online, I do have some rights, but the magazine has gone on to become such a huge local resource (more than I ever dreamed it would) I do feel a larger responsibility now to be more careful about my decisions than I may have otherwise been in the more



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