Lucy Davies

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Lucy Davies has a BA (Hons) in graphic design specialising in illustration from St Martins and Brighton. It wasn’t until her children left home that she found time to fully concentrate on her passion.

Lucy’s favourite location to paint is Cornwall, having spent every summer down at her parents’ caravan since childhood. She spends as much time as she can on the north Cornish coast, painting and sketching the area she loves and knows so well.

Now painting south coast scenes for The Harbour Gallery, Lucy draws her inspiration from the beautiful, coastal scenery of this area – the dramatic sea, rolling cliffs and stunning, golden beaches inform her work and provide the reference for her colourful, mixed media paintings. 

She layers acrylic media, underpainting or using a tonal wash which is overlaid with layer upon layer of paint or ink. Some areas are then scraped or washed away to create a dynamic composition. Lucy plans her work meticulously so that once she starts painting, she can work fast and spontaneously – adding finer detail later if required.

She is never without her camera and sketchbook when she walks, recording new images so she has plenty of inspiration in the cold winter months when she’s tucked away in her home studio.

In 2015, Lucy was shortlisted to appear in the very first series of Sky’s Landscape Artist of the Year and we’re delighted this seasoned painter has joined THG exclusively with her south coast work.



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