November 2018

Last week I was asked to help Falmouth College students with mock job interviews. Asked where he saw himself in five years, one of the students boldly stated he wanted to be a rich and powerful CEO… and was unapologetic in this aim.

As well as being cold, I felt his plea was somewhat forced, so drilled down into his bravado. Seems he wanted to change the world, too, so I asked what would be more important to him: to be a famous and rich CEO who has little effect on the world, or to be an unknown world-changer who has a huge impact on society. He stumbled a little before revealing that in fact changing the world for the better was higher on his agenda.

Society puts pressure on us all to act certain ways and I feel this energetic, confident student was misconstruing wealth and impetuousness with power. Some of the most impressive people I have met are quite thoughtful people who consider their impact carefully. Yes, of course wealth wields some power, but smashing eggs with a mallet would make for an unpleasantly crunchy omelette.

There’s no question this world needs people who are driven and passionate to make important changes in society. But drive without empathy can end in some compromising results.

I truly wish this spirited fella luck in his career but also hope he is brave enough to employ sensitivity in achieving his heady goals and not rely entirely on the rashness he’s learnt to lead with to date…

God knows society could use some empathy in business right now.

OK, so before I get onto this month’s delights, I want to thank all those involved with Painswick’s Exhibition last weekend. It was a huge success and we’ll be doing another in Spring, to thanks especially to David Chapman, Susie Andrews and all who made it… not least the artists!

The first to walk through our doors with new work this month was the eminently popular, Ben Taffinder. Many of those pieces have sold, but he has dropped off some newbies since then, but be warned, he’s now out so when they’re gone, they’re gone (until we can strap him to his easel!)

Stephen Higton painted two stunning Roseland scenes for us this week and those’re on his page of our the website right now. As always, worth your time checking them out on his page.

It was a red letter day last weekend when the mighty Peter Wileman popped in with 7… yes SEVEN new pieces. Needless to say one sold almost immediately so best drop in on these before they fly… sublime doesn’t even come close, I tell ya!

The powerhouse that is Robin Mason drove down to drop off a batch of new work, then drove all the way back home again before, like a true superhero, we even had chance to thank him! What service, eh?

Nope, it doesn’t stop there, either. Not only did the light-queen, Jenny Aitken send down two superb new pieces to replace the ones that sold at Painswick, but the lovely Jill Hudson, whose work has been shooting

off like fireworks, sent over three blinders as well. You can see both their works on their respective pages.

All in all, Deborah’s gonna have a hell of a time selling that lot whilst I’m swanning it up in the US of A. Yes, from 12th November, yours truly will be off for his annual hols. As such, we’ll be open for a limited time until mid December. Deborah will be in the gallery from 11am – 3pm Wednesday till Saturday, but if you want to have a private view in between those times, she’ll be happy to make an appointment to meet you. Her number will be on the contact page of website.

I trust you’ll have a cracking November and enjoy the festivities safely. And if you’re thinking of the ‘C’ word with regards early presents this year, remember that buying handmade artworks from our artists are the most eco-friendly, craft-supportive presents there are! And pretty as hell, to boot… just sayin’!

OK, have a wonderful month, folks… my next missives will come from my hammock in California! I bet that makes you totes jel! ;0-)



October 2018

Blame and responsibility in our society are often considered related. For example, if someone drives into us (blame), it’s only right that they take responsibility to fix the problem, right? Well, that may be true for legalities, but when it comes to emotions (in my thinking at least) they have quite a different relationship… read more



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