March 2013

March 2013

bowiefiniI had an interesting chat with one of our artists last month about an artist’s quandary; one I hadn’t considered before. Once a renowned artists (of which we have many) becomes known for their style, it is quite a brave move for them to expand their artistic horizons. They have fans who ‘expect’ a certain look and the artists have bills to pay, so following ones artistic desires to expand beyond their ‘norm’ is quite a decision to make. That said, an artist that does make that transition successfully can become highly respected for their commitment to their craft.

andrew_tozerAs a musician, I would compare it to the likes of David Bowie who constantly reinvents himself. Sometimes the resulting albums were less than popular, but one can’t help but respect Bowie’s commitment to his art. Of course, most artists still have to work to pay the bills – and most of our artists, although not struggling, are in that position. So I think a change is especially brave when done with this in mind. But I imagine that’s what defines art from being more than a ‘job’. It’s a desire to express oneself, so NOT making those changes could end up in the work we all know and love becoming ‘stale’… a double edged sword, I guess.

robin_masonAnyway, I’ve especially enjoyed this last couple of weeks. Planning our May exhibition with Andrew Tozer has been a delight – it’s always fun to sit with Andrew and chat (a conversation which can drift on for hours!). Robin Mason was down for a week with his lovely family, too – bringing two amazing new pieces with him (one of which sold within 24 hours!) And as Andrew and Robin are firm Facebook friends, I was delighted to be able to bring them together over a pint; a right old Artist’s hoedown, I can tell you… splendid!

jill_hudsonAnd if that wasn’t fun enough, the lovely Jill Hudson popped in with some beautiful new works, too… especially for you! (We spoil you, we really do!) But they’re going fast. We sold six of hers last month alone, so if you see something you like…

john_raynesThe promised pieces from Malcolm Ludvigsen are now up and we’re really looking forward to seeing what our newest artist, renowned painter John Raynes, will be painting especially for us later this month! (I feel like a boy in a sweet shop when new works come in. Just as well I can’t afford to take them all home, they’d be none left for you!)

mary_allenRachael Mia Allen is also starting work on some new Harbour Gallery works as I write, so we’re really excited to see those when they’re finished. And her podcast last month was extremely well received. Her mother, Mary Allen is the subject of this month’s Podcast, so I hope you’ll take time out to enjoy that… they’re such a lovely (and talented!) family!

paraffinstoreSo there it is. Slowly filling the gallery with lovely new works ready for the Easter break; getting the planning together for the Old Paraffin Store exhibitions throughout the year (you can put the Andrew Tozer dates in your diary now, they are: 2013: May 26th to 31st and August 24th – 26th – 2014: May 24th – 30th) We’ve also got to decide on lighting and decoration for the Old Paraffin Store (there’s no electricity, you see!), so all in all, much to do… whatever happened to having winter off?!

Oh, and thanks soooo much to you, and to our brilliant artists; we’ve broken all sales records again this month. You’re all so lovely!

Look forward to seeing you soonest… toddle pip!



February 2013

telegraphIt was an enjoyable, but oh too short trip up country with my wife, Susanne (getting her out of her beloved The Blue Carrot was a miracle!), to see friends and do some recording with my Goddaughter’s sibling. Then it was right back to it, but by mid January, the results have been wonderfully satisfying… read more.



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