Ruth Langenbruch

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Ruth Langenbruch has been an artists her whole life. For many years she worked as an accomplished painter specialising in watercolours on silk before becoming a silversmith.

Living near Dortmund, Germany, Ruth’s sanctuary whilst bringing up her family was to immerse herself into her artistry and once they’d grown up, she was able to focus her energies on her artistic passions.

In the early 2000s, Ruth was inspired to become a jeweller and her natural ability to create unique, artisan styled silver jewellery quickly made her one of the most popular stands at most art fairs in Germany.

Every piece of Ruth’s collections are handmade. Working alone, she styles her beautiful creations herself, allowing each piece to speak to her in its own way, inspired by the rolling landscapes of her home in the Sauerland.

Over the years she has gone on to hone this rustic, organic style and THG is delighted to have exclusivity with her beautiful work here in the UK.




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