August 2021

I often write about Karma as it plays a strong part of my belief. For example, we recently had someone buy something from us only to find later they’d changed the labels to get that artwork cheaper. Of course my first reaction was frustration and anger, but I quickly let it go. I believe karma has way of dealing with people who make such choices in life;  far more effectively than I could ever fathom.

Conversely, a large and unexpected bill came in which really threw me. I started to consider ways to dodge or challenge it after such a long delay in serving it, but I knew in my heart it was valid, so decided to just bite the bullet and pay it. It was the right thing to do after all.

To my delight, the very next day, two unexpected rebates came in that I also hadn’t expected, both totalling almost exactly the cost of the unexpected bill.

Of course karma doesn’t work like a slot machine. Put in this and you’re guaranteed to get that. There’s a fine but clear line between expecting results and being open for them. For me, choosing the ‘right’ thing for your gut in any situation and facing head on any ‘wrongs’ we’re dealt without letting our egos rule the decision is essential.

Unexpected things happen all the time, no matter how ‘zen’ one may be. But doing what’s right for your soul should never be compromised and allowing karma to deal with the rest, I can assure you, makes for a stress-free, ‘calmer’ life (did you see what I did there?). And, like anything, the more we practice trust, I believe the easier and more abundantly it comes to us.

OK, before I get onto this month’s delights, I want to remind everyone of Claire Henley‘s exhibition which has been on for two days already. She’ll be in the Fisherman’s Shelter all day today, so if you can, get on down or click here to view the collection online.

We have three more Shelter exhibitions for you as well this month. The fab Hester Berry is there from 6-8 August. Andrew Allanson follows the week after on 13-15th and to finish off the summer exhibition, the fab Jenny Aitken will be there from 20-22nd. As always, drinks evenings from 6pm on the Friday then open from 11am – 4pm Sat & Sun. The artists and THG team hope to see you!

Right, before we got onto the newbies, I want to introduce you to THG’s newest recruit, Clare Bowen. Having won prestigious awards and exhibited both at the ROI and the Royal Society of Marine Artists, we’re excited by the first four paintings of Portscatho and Portloe she’s done for us. Deeeeee-lish!

This month, in alphabetical order, here’re the new works, first from Andrew Allanson. His work flies out the door and this new collection has already started to do just that! Ben Taffinder dropped in this new piece of Nanven: palette knife heaven!

Hilary Stock smashed it out the ballpark with her new exhibition collection. Everyone was blown away by these seagrass photos so please do check them out as well! And Jamel Akib came down with an astonishing collection of new paintings, many of cloudscapes like this. Scrummy doesn’t even come close.

Our in-house watercolourist, John Hopkins sent down this superb painting of boats in Mevagissey harbour – nope, I dunno how he does it, either, and Julian Mason surpassed even himself with two gorgeous Portscatho scenes, one of which sold within an hour of posting.

Lucy Davies‘ work usually sells before it’s even arrived and some of this collection did, so move fast if you’d like one of these beauties and Mike Hindle flew over from France especially to paint for us and, boy, did he do us proud with these corkers!

Penny German sent down three new still-lifes with Claire Henley and I suspect they’ll shoot back up the M5 to new homes very soon and the Tamworth Tiger, Robin Mason, painted this delightful Porthcurnick beach scene which captures the summer so well!

And to finish off another month of huggability, The Hig painted this low-tide Towan Beach beaut which you can see with all of Stephen Higton‘s new work over on his page. Mouthwatering, eh?

So there it is. A bumper bonanza of bubbling beauties for your delectation. Keep us in the loop if you’d like these or even a special commission for yourself or a loved one. Nearly all of our painters are up for it, and it won’t cost you a penny more that their usual works, so just holler!

Have a wonderful August, me lovelies, and do yer best to relax!


Mark David Hatwood FRSA


July 2021

I was observing the other day how we project our ‘model of life’ onto others quite often. For example, a follower on our social media platforms often comments (in partial jest) how I should look after my staff more and pay them better when they make a sale.

I’m fairly sure my staff know how I value them and I hope I pay them accordingly, but of course this isn’t about my staff or me, it’s about this poor lady’s vision of the world and clearly she feels she hasn’t been recognised herself in the past…read more

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