February 2016

February Newsletter

differenthatsAs I grow older, it never ceases to amaze me how abundant life can be when we don’t listen to our own limitations. For example, when I was a budding musician and songwriter back in the day, I believed that’s all I wanted to do. I wouldn’t even entertain anything else because that’s how I saw myself.

Tphilip_tyler1his unwavering belief in my future made me block any other ideas I had of who I could be, because I believed doing anything else would only ‘water down’ my true potential.

Now, as I look back, I can only smile at my young self. Since changing those views, amongst other things I’ve been a published author and screenplay writer, an award-winning environmentalist and now a successful gallery owner.

stephen_higtonThis is not to blow my own trumpet, you understand – in truth, quite the opposite – but more for me to at last grasp that once I threw away my own expectations of who I think I am and allowed ‘The Gods’ decide which road I should take, true abundance was easier to attain.

So now whenever I have an idea or smell an opportunity, I throw something at it to see if it’ll stick. Not all of them do, but at least I can walk on knowing I didn’t let an opportunity pass. In short, if a door opens, I’ll certainly take a gander through it!

philip_tyler2I’d be interested to hear what one piece of advice you’d give to your younger self if you could, but mine would certainly be… “Don’t ever let the person you think you are determine the person you could be.”

And on the subject of reinvention, I’m delighted to announce the first of many new artists we’ve been lucky enough to attract this coming year. Philip Tyler is an astonishing landscape and portrait artist who has been on my radar now for quite a while, so I’m delighted he’s now agreed to join THG’s amazing stable.

robin-masonPlease take a few minutes to browse not only his in-house works (that will be with us in early March) but also his online-only pieces. In fact I was so taken by his brilliant nudes, I created a page especially for them as well. They have a truly gritty, exciting and cutting edge to them that I find fascinating, so I hope you will, too. You’ll find those through a link on his main page.

ben_taffinderWe have at least three other new artists starting with us in the next few weeks as well so I’ll bring you news of those in next month’s newsletter. Suffice to say I’m suuuuuuper excited by having them them all! For now, though, here’s what’s been coming in this month.

ann_kellyWe’ve had three works in by the maestro that is Stephen Higton. These sunrise/set pieces are just beautiful. As I’m writing this, Robin Mason has just popped in with an incredible new collection as well. I only wish I had more wall space (I’m teasing you here, but more on that next month! Ooooooo!)

phil_johnsBen Taffinder was in just the other day with four beautiful new pieces. You’d better get your skates on with his work, though. But if you do miss out, we have our annual exhibition with him over the Easter weekend, so I’ll share those killer pieces with you a day before the exhibition start. Again, more in March’s newsletter.

joe-armstrongIf you’re a fan of Phil Johns‘ vibrant work, there are some serious bargains to be had on his page of the website. But we’ve sold 8 of the 15 on offer already so it’ll be worth chivvying it up me lovelies! Oh and Ann Kelly sent down four newbies to replace the ones we sold last month. They’re almost good enough to eat!

claire_henleyLastly, that smashin’ Joe Armstrong has just dropped by with another of his dynamic, sculptural paintings. I can hardly keep his in the door, both here and at our sister galleries, so we’ve been keepin’ that fella on his toes that past month or two, I can tell ya! And it would never do to miss mentioning the lovely Claire Henley‘s three newbies that’ve just been added to her page. Ginger peachy!

So there it is, me hearties. I’ll be back in your inbox on 1st March with some mega exciting news about your favourite gallery of all time (probably) and yet another collection of new artists to make even the most robust of knees weak. Till then, have a corking February and look forward to seeing/hearing from you soonest!

Arrivederci, lambkins!



January Newsletter

whispersMy wife, Susanne, and I have a conversation that has become a New Year’s tradition. I always ask her what she’d like me to change about myself for the New Year, to make her life easier and improve our relationship, and she always answers: “Nothing!”

Despite it being the sweetest reaction, I always decide to secretly change something about myself that I know irritates her. Not because I think it’s necessary, not because I feel I should, but because I know it’ll improve our relationship… after all, isn’t that what we all want?… read more.



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