Penny German

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Penny German grew up in Northamptonshire. Exhibiting for over 30 years, she initially specialised in watercolour botanical illustration. She worked on projects for the RHS and Oxford University Press until ten years ago, when she discovered a love of oil painting.

Penny now loves to capture the effects of light in her still life and portraits works.

Her husband’s job has taken them around the world giving her an abundance of scope and inspiration.  During her travels she has met and worked with some wonderful and talented artists and exhibited in some incredible spaces, but despite her travels, she always comes back to rest back in beloved Northamptonshire.

Recently Penny discovered a global phenomenon entitled ‘daily painting’.  What initially started out as a record of her progress, is now gaining momentum and these daily paintings have been collected throughout the the World. For The Harbour Gallery, Penny creates larger works, so her ‘daily’ paintings are now  her regular ‘small’ paintings.

We’re delighted to have Penny part of the Harbour Gallery stable, painting some images which reflect the personality of the county and UK wide.



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