Alejandro Debonis Biography

Alejandro-Debonis-BiographyAlejandro studied art at the Academy of Professor Vicente Puig and the University of Architecture in Buenos Aires. His passion for drawing was influenced by his father who introduced him into painting as a child, holidaying in Punta del Este, Uruguay, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean Coasts.

His landscapes not only express a calmness and peace, but also the spiritual adventure his passion and love for painting bring him. More recently, Alejandro has introduced more abstract art into his work, showing elements of cubism and surrealism.

He exhibits in galleries in Argentina and worldwide and his paintings are part of respectable private art collections throughout the globe. Featured in many established magazines and publications including British Vogue, we are honoured to exclusively represent Alejandro’s remarkable talents in the UK as part of The Harbour Gallery’s stable of world-class artists.



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