April 2022

Are we making space for abundance? Plus 2 new artists and an abundance of new work!
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One of the hardest lessons I learnt after working with my apache Indian friend on his workshops was ‘making space for abundance’. Having not had two pennies to rub together most of my life, I was always cautious about handing out money easily. It’s completely understandable: when one has little, we’re careful about sharing abundance in case we’re left without ourselves.

However, when I realised that holding back from my instinct to be generous was an act of fear, I gently started to trust more in my friend’s recommendation of trying to make room for prosperity so I could share that with others.

In opposition to what I formerly believed, though – that we had to wait for prosperity to come to us before we shared it – I started to understand that true abundance comes to us when we crate space for it by being philanthropic.

Think of it like a balloon: it seems full after the first blow, but blow a little harder and you’ve made space for more. And then again, even more. And if you’re lucky, at some point the balloon will burst and then the abundance really starts to flow without restriction! Believing there’s enough and more, makes the abundance come to us.

I now follow my gut instinct about sharing and giving. Even (especially) when it would seem I don’t have ‘enough’. And it never ceases to amaze me where the funds to cover that spirit of openness suddenly appear from. I guess it’s true that you only need to learn to walk tall to see over a hedge.

OK, before I kick off with this month’s delights, I’m delighted to say on 5th April 2022, I will have held the THG keys for 10 years. To celebrate this milestone and as a thank-you to you for your custom over that amazing decade, I am offering a gift token for your first purchase this month.
Buy any painting and we’ll give you a 10% gift token off your next purchase. So, for example, buy a painting worth £1500 and you’ll get a gift token for £150 off your next purchase.
Only one per customer, so make sure to buy your biggest purchase first, then you can trade in your token either right away, or with a year.
In addition, we’ll be offering some anniversary competition freebies from many of our artists on our social media feeds this month, so watch out for those (social media links on the footer of this email)!
I’m excited to introduce you to two new artists, the first, Kevin Lowery I have been a fan of for ages and I’m delighted he was open to painting for us. Incredible and colourful work.
And on the subject of incredible, would you believe this, and all of Nell Kerr‘s collection are paintings? Her astonishingly detailed works of the sea are mind-boggling and well worth superzooming over on her page. What a couple of astonishing new talents, eh?
As well as the two beautiful new pieces Lucy Davies added last month, we’ve had another 6… yes SIX fab works to her page. Sublime!
And John Hopkins‘ work is always a treat, but these two breezy beauties are just gorgeous. Worth sailing over to his page for a view (did you see what I did there?)
Jill Hudson popped in the other day with a new collection of colourfully intimate scenes of her locale. Gotta lurve those pinks, eh?
And Ben Taffinder‘s works are always a delight and one of the two newbies he bought in the other day has already sold, but this scrummy number is still available if yer quick!
I was spoilt for choice of which of the 8, yes EIGHT new Andrew Allanson‘s to show you here. really, they’re all astonishing. Check ’em out here
And just in time for the newsletter, our Stratford princess, Claire Henley painted this comestible of Portloe for you. What more can I say: utterly mouthwatering.
Lastly, the lovely Jenny Aitken will be kicking off our annual exhibitions at the end of this month from the Fisherman’s Shelter in ‘Scath. 
She’ll be opening on Friday 29th at 6pm for a drinks welcome evening. And if you miss that, she’ll be there 11am – 4pm Saturday 30th and Sunday 1st May.
So I hope you’ll be here for that Bank Holiday weekend to see her blistering summer collection, but if not, they’ll go live online on 28th April!
So there it is. I hope you’ll take part in our fun 10th anniversary give-away competitions on our social media feeds or enjoy a 10% off gift token, but either way, thank you for helping make the last decade a joy. You are just THE best!
Have a great Easter, folks and hope to see you soon!
Mark David Hatwood FRSA
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