Kerr Ashmore Biography

Kerr Ashmore BiographyKerr Ashmore grew up in North Yorkshire. Her atmospheric landscapes are the result of the reflections of nature, memory and emotion inspired by the surrounding beauty of the dramatic and ever-changing movement of light and dark that can so drastically change the natural landscape.

Kerr works between her studios in the Northeast of England and the Southern Spanish mountains. She loves to paint and has a strong drive to create, exploring her memory, emotions and the way any particular place can affect her emotions. 

“I love to walk high up into the hills where I’ll sit, lie or wander, taking photographs or creating small studies… my emotional landscapes… they’re very much about my internal, emotional response to what’s around me.”

We are delighted to feature Kerr’s deeply moving works with and are excited about bringing her exciting and mood-inducing art to the gallery.




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